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Your journey to success in the Great Britain


Arrangement of the NIN meetingThe closest possible term after your arrival to the United Kingdom £5 
SIM CARDGiffgaff tariffs (the price includes the credit of £35 )£20 
SIM CARDGiffgaff tariffs (the price includes the credit of £15 )£10 
Professional CVCreation of the CV£12 
Professional cover letterCreation of the CL£10 
I am offering my help
  • Provision of accommodation in London
  • Cheaper transport to and from London airports
  • Assistance with getting cheaper commuting around London
  • Plenty of information stated at this website
  • Tips for cheap and interesting trips
  • Recommendations how to save the maximum of money
Other servicesIt concerns help with searching for jobs and contacting agencies, help with filling forms, assistance with renting flats or houses, applying for tax refund, etc. These services are only complementary and depending on individual situation. On the one hand, you can find most of the information here on my website, on the other it is better for you to save money. Finally, I am also limited by time and cannot be at your service all the time, for example accompanying you while visiting the work agencies, Work in London in many cases my clients can help themselves, for example to send the CVs.

If you decided to make use of my help, you save minimum 4 hours (£32).
£8 per hour

Alternatively, you can get all the services together with a discount!

In case you are interested in a full package(NIN meeting, CV, cover letter and SIM CARD with £35 credit), the price gets 10% lower for £43

Obviously, there is the general rule that I will do my best to help and give advice to you to allow you to profit from the services and get your money back.

You can save money on tickets, luggage, transport to and from the airport, communing around London, discounts on accommodation, etc. Moreover, it is good not to waste money and arrange the meetings already in your home country and then start working as soon as you arrive in the United Kingdom.

Keep in mind that time is the most precious thing we have in life and it is up to us how effectively we can use it.

The final decision is certainly up to you. You can manage everything on your own and only make use of my tips here. However, who would not like to save money today, right?