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Your journey to success in the Great Britain

Travelling by plane, not only to London

The most common way how to get to London and around the United Kingdom is to travel by plane, as it is very cheap and doesn’t take more than 2 or 3 hours from all corners of Europe. The general rule says that the sooner you buy the ticket, the more you can save on it.

London has altogether 5 main airports . While choosing the ticket, you should also pay attention to the location of your final destination.

If the ticket to the Stansted airport costs a few pounds less than to Heathrow and your final destination is the city centre of London, it is better to buy the ticket to Heathrow, as it is generally cheaper to travel by public transport rather than to travel from outside of London.

Another recommendation is to be careful while looking at what is included in the price of the ticket. You should make sure that there is the VAT, airport fees and other costs included in the price. It is not common to have the luggage as part of the price, the clients must pay for them extra (the price differs between £7 and 33, depending on the company, season, weight of the luggage, etc.

Moreover, it is important to buy the ticket at the webpage of the company and not through the website of the provider, as the price is always higher comparing the original server.

Cheap tickets to London

It has become very popular to travel with the low-cost companies. The easiest way to find a company is to use the Google search„low-cost airlines to the United Kingdom“. You always find something.

These are the three most famous companies travelling not only to London:

Making use of this option might save you hundreds of pounds.
Of course, you might expect to find certain limitations (smaller space for legs, the luggage is not included in the price of the ticket, the cabin luggage is limited by size, during the flight you cannot expect refreshments for free, etc.)

Taking into account that you save hundreds of pounds and buy the tickets very cheaply, everyone might cope with the little uncomfort. The journey does not take more than two hours.

How to get from the airport cheaply and comfortably

In advance, you can find and buy the cheap ticket for transport from the London’s airports. Remember that the sooner you buy the ticket, the lower the price gets. I can also help you with getting the tickets from the three main airports much cheaper, on average 20 % to 50 %

Other options

If you are afraid of flying or you have very heavy luggage and do not want to pay extra fees, you might also travel to London by bus, by train or or by your own car .

In case that your luggage is overloaded, you do not have to worry about extra fees. I have a tip how to split the weight to have ten kilograms above the limit and not to pay anything extra.

You do not know how? Contact me.