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Privacy policy and Cookies

In this document, we summarize our privacy policy for the users of the site at [easytouk.com] and the customers of [EASY TO UK] with its registered office at [14 Shoebury RD, E6 2AQ, London], UTR: [4826692320] (hereinafter “us”, “us”, “our”, “our”, “our”). The principles come into force on May 25, 2018.

What personal data are we processing?

  1. Anonymized and aggregated personal information using cookies.
  3. Personal information obtained by filling in the contact and order forms on the site, by phone, email, or communicated to us by written or oral submission, or in a similar manner.

1) Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are an HTTP extension as defined in RFC 2109. It is a small amount of data the web server sends to the browser. It stores them on the user’s device. There are 2 types of cookies, relational and time-limited. Relative cookies are deleted when you leave the site. Time-limited cookies have a given horizon, whereby each time the server visits the same server, the browser sends the data back to the server. This allows you to store various user information. These are, for example, user preferences, different user settings, current and past interactions with the web site and, among other things, they can, but not on their own, but with the help of other personal data, help to identify the user. Therefore, cookies are considered personal data.

What are we using cookies?

What cookies can use our website?

Site functionality

utmajQueryScripting language to ensure site navigation and site functionality and interactivity.
XXXrelational cookiesThey ensure the technical functionality of the pages and delete them when they leave the site.
actFacebookIntegration of social networking sites Facebook, including the elements of this social network on the site. Facebook policy

Traffic measurement

_gaGoogleGoogle Analytics is a tool from Google that allows website owners to get statistics about their site’s users. We keep the data associated with cookies for a maximum of 50 months. Google policy.
uiToplist.czSimple traffic measurement service.
vidNavrcholu.czSimple traffic measurement service.

How can you delete cookies?

We do not recommend deleting cookies. Once deleted, we can not guarantee the correct functionality of the site. Do not restrict your ads on the Internet; in practice, you will only see more other less relevant ads. In any modern browser, you can delete cookies and cache (files stored in your device’s memory for faster web page loading) in its settings. To delete cookies, do the following: Settings → Privacy → Saved Files and Cookies → Clear. If you do not know, visit the support pages of your browser.

Most commonly used browsers: Chrome Firefox Safari Edge

Another option is to visit our site in anonymous browser mode. In this mode, all cookies are only relational, ie they are automatically deleted when they leave the site.

2) Personal data

Why do we process personal data?

Under Regulation 2016/679, Article 6 (1) b) c) and d)

Under Regulation 2016/679, Article 6 (1) f)

Which third parties can we provide personal data?

We do not provide personal information to third parties, except with the following exceptions:

Do we provide the person’s personal data to third countries (outside the EEA)?

We do not provide personal data to third countries, except for mail providers or cloud services.

Right of data subject to access to personal data, Right of repair, Right of cancellation (right to be forgotten), Right to limit processing, Right to data portability, Right to object

If you wish to exercise your right under Article 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 or 21 of Regulation 2016/679, please contact us in this case by contact form or by writing to the company’s address on the contact page.

Your request for the exercise of your rights, we reserve a deadline for processing the application within 30 days of receipt of the request.

How long do we keep personal data?

For the period of time necessary to perform the contractual relationship between the entity and us, for the performance of the claims of those contractual relationships, and for 20 years after the termination of the contractual relationship.

After we lose the reason for the retention of personal data, we do erase or liquidate it.

What kind of personal data we process?

How do we handle the processing of personal data?

Under Article 32 of Regulation 2016/679, personal data: