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Your journey to success in the Great Britain

What to keep in mind while living and working in the UK

Human beings are inquisitive.

Looking for information should be the very first thing that you invest your time and energy while considering going to the UK. Most people do not go to the UK only to travel and enjoy the free time, but would like to connect their stay with work as well. Looking for jobs may bring many challenges and therefore you should get familiar with all the risks you can encounter.

It is worth paying attention to how much you earn, what are you average monthly costs, how much you paid on taxes and national insurance and above all, how much you net after all the charges.

Arrival in the UK is only the first step in your adventure.
You must be aware of issues and tasks that you should be dealing with approximately during the first month after your arrival.

In the article describing leaving the UK, you can find duties that are necessary to solve while leaving your workplace in the UK.