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Your journey to success in the Great Britain

Moving to the UK

You can find the alternatives how to get to England, including their advantages, disadvantages and other practicalities in the subsections of this chapter.

Most probably, the best way how to travel is to take a plane to London. If you are afraid of flying or you want to save some extra money, you also have the option to travel by bus.

However, it is not true anymore that planes are the most expensive means of transport. If you spend enough time looking for the plane tickets, you can find one for less than 20 pounds, including the luggage. You can find instructions how to get a cheap ticket from the airport in the chapter dedicated to travelling by plane or you can ask me.

If you need to use car in the United Kingdom or you would like to work and travel somewhere else than in London, please have a look at my tips for travelling by car and possibilities how to get to England by a ferry.