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Your journey to success in the Great Britain

Work in the UK


to the advisory website, which serves as a supplementary gainful activity for the non-profit organization Easy Direction.

Have you decided to work or visit the United Kingdom? You don’t know, where to start and what to prepare before departure?

Here, you can find a number of useful tips, how to save money on public transport, where to look for accommodation, how to apply for tax return, how to travel around the United Kingdom, where to go for trips and many other useful information and tricks, how to make your stay in the UK more comfortable and cheaper.


For £20 you get sim card with £35 of mobile credit (so 75% appreciation of your investment). You can use it to buy one of these mobile packages. Let your money work for you.

Or, for example, for £15 you can get an unlimited tariff of £25 (valid throughout the European Union).

Being smart pays off.

The aim of this website is to bring all necessary information at one place.

For 9 years, I have been involved in helping people in the United Kingdom (London) with finding accommodation, jobs and solving other important administrative issues for work and life in the country.

My services differ from others above all by the fact that my clients always get exactly what we previously agreed on. There are no secret fees and I deal with people fairly and, if possible, personally because satisfaction of my clients stands at the first place.

My personal motto is: “Try doing your best, I am here for the rest.”

Except for the bargain price for my services I also guarantee almost 100% employment rate in the field of hospitality. Indeed, you have to offer at least elementary knowledge of English and basic experience with hospitality. I am able to provide you with a list of work agencies. The list is not very long, but every single contact on the list was recommended by my former clients and therefore can be trusted.

However, why would you bother with the agency if you can make use my most valuable asset? I can provide you with a database of my contacts in hospitality, where you can send your CV and cover letter even before leaving your home. According to my previous experience, majority of my clients started working within seven days.

Another of my goals is that if clients decide for my services, I offer them such conditions and tips that they are always able to save much more than they had previously invested in the administrative issues, which I helped to solve.
I could help you with cheap flights, transport to/from the airport or around the city, I am able to get a discount for accommodation only for you, etc. This way, we are speaking about a big sum of money that you as client could save and later invest for example in trips in your free time.

Over the last 9 years, I have collected the information that I needed for my own work and life, but in meanwhile I have also advised my clients who asked for recommendations.

Practical information (e.g. how to save money) are from my daily life and based on the recommendations of clients and people, who I have met during my life in the United Kingdom.

I will be glad to provide you with instructions and advices, how to orientate in the UK before, during and after you arrival, what you have to necessarily deal with. In general, these are information that I did not have, when I first came to the United Kingdom myself…

In case that you did not find any important information, or you would have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please remember, EASYtoUK will make you stay easier.